congrats to aaron speiser on his recent academy award winning work with will smith on the set of king richard

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Thursday Masterclass

Taught by Aaron Speiser

For the advanced, professional actor, by application only. This is a deep dive into script, character, human behavior, and psychology. Actors prepare scenes from television and film scripts as if they are preparing to shoot them on set. Similar to a professional shoot, no advance rehearsal is allowed, although students may run lines. In this master class, you will learn to create a process that allows you to show up to work fully prepared.

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4 week cycles

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7– 10:30pm PDT, Thursdays

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$500 for 4 weeks
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After initial sign-up, you may pay every 4 weeks, or receive additional discounts based on a longer commitment period.


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Academy award winning work

Aaron Speiser worked with Will Smith in both pre-production and on set for the entirety of his award winning performance in King Richard.

Aaron has been working with Will for over 20 years— his performance in King Richard earned him an Oscar for Best Actor as well as a SAG Award, Critics Choice Award, and Golden Globe.